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How often are willing to admit your scared? How do you know if you are scared? If your like me, full of stress? Wife, kids, job, and when is there time “yourself”! To reflect on the stresses, or actively ignore it so you don’t have to admit that it could all be Stemming from being scared!

Most of men have a full plate of stuff to do. And when more comes up we just find an area on the plate to divide the “wife” from the “kids” or “the oldest kid” from the rest of the group and we place the new item in between those. At the best we rationalize the placement, worst case we justify they all have value equal to each other. Notice I didn’t include God, my faith or my Church, with statements of “it’s just understood” that these items are more important then my general items. At this moment the women in our lives are saying to themselves “if I’m even still on this plate thing, I’m certain it’s under the small piece of cabbage on his plate that I’m sure he is looking to scrape off with each new addition”. Not only am I quick to share im not stressed, let alone, allow myself to consider the word scared. 


Does this facade or in the world of recovery they call it “wearing a mask”(I find this the best description) to really hide from everyone else the nature of our true character? The true us, that is scared to admit! Admit we cannot do it all, we don’t have the control we eluded to others, the organization needed, or just maybe that we to see we are going to fail. 

You say “oh, well he is weak!” Or “that’s not me”! Our family says “it’s just obvious his job is more important than us!” 

Let’s first pause for a minute on the “Why” and address the disorder in our order. While we don’t feel or believe there is a value place on our plate of stuff, which in of itself is most of the problem, let’s for argument sake say everyone else can’t be wrong (the probability is just to high).  Let’s also give it a name Priorities, it’s like those other words we avoid love, debt, budget and taxes. Everyone and everything want’s to be your priority! Even The Lord does. Your family, friends, work, church, and other extras. 

If we therefore put God as the first and only priority, then surrender to him and being honest with others even when we are scared He will be faithful to be there for us. By doing this God will put all other things in our lives in there right place to accomplish His Kingdom Purpose. By giving over the control of our lives, we also remove ourselves from the stress that causes us to be scared of failure. 


Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real

I just recently read Heaven is for Real written by Todd Burpo. This was a very hard book to read for me personally, as this was the last know book my mother finished read prior to her death 11/25/2012. She truly was impressed with the book. I actually believe it brought her great relief to a point. She had a still birth between having me and my sister, which a lot like the main character’s mother having a lost of her unborn child. Getting passed the struggle of reading it at all, their also is my prejudgement. I was judgmentally about someone saying they went to Heaven and came back. I am wrong this thought, “who am I to say what God can or cannot do?” With that said, here is my review on the book.

I would give it a strong 3.5 out of 5. I believe the author Todd Burpo did a great job with the telling of his son’s story and honestly positioning it against the Word of God for authenticity. The only thing that bother me about the book was his jumping storyline at the beginning of the book. Outside that Mr. Todd Burpo, thank you for taking the guts to share what most people, myself, possibly include would’ve been to scary too. Overall amazing read, I would highly suggest it as a read.